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Bylaws of the One project


This organization shall be known as “the One project”.


The purpose of the One project is to celebrate the supremacy of Jesus through the Adventist Church.


Sec. 1. the One project, normally shall conduct its worldwide work through and by permission of the
Divisions, Unions and Conferences in the Church.

Sec. 2. Each Division in which the One project has been invited, will have an appointed liaison with the One


the One project is operationally hosted at the Boulder Seventh-day Adventist Church. The Boulder Seventh-day Adventist Church is a trade name of The Rocky Mountain Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, which is a Colorado nonprofit corporation that is a church within the meaning of Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3).

the One project conducts much of its work through the Board and Executive Committee and the supporting

the One project operates as a ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and as such is formally a denominationally supported activity.


Sec. 1. Officers must be individuals who are members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church who are in good and regular standing. The officers of the organization shall be:

A. Co-Chief Executive Officers
B. Chief Development Officer
C. Chief Innovations Officer
D. Chief Financial Officer
E. Chief Marketing Officer
F. Chief Operations Officer
G. Chief Technology Officer
H. Regional Chairs (for each operating region)

Sec. 2. The Co-Chief Executive Officer position(s) are limited to ordained ministers of experience but is not time limited and the incumbents shall hold the office until such time as they choose to relinquish this position. The remaining Executive team members shall be appointed by the Board for a two (2) years and may serve unlimited terms.

Sec. 3. The Officers shall be elected for a term of two (2) years at the spring meeting of the One project.


Sec. 1. Officers will communicate with each other at least monthly over matters pertaining to the vision and implementation of the One project. It is the duty of these officers, in consultation with one another, to carry forward the work according to plans and programs voted by the One project board.

Sec. 2. Executive Team: The CoCEOs and COO are the Executive officers, and shall carry forward the work in consultation with one another. They will serve as the Administrative Committee, (ADCOM). To the extent the Executive Team and ADCOM have not adopted specific formal written policies, they will follow the policies and procedures of the Rocky Mountain Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, with particularly emphasis on matters of financial accountability and personnel decisions made for the One project.

Sec. 3. The Co-Chief Executive Officers, of the One project shall:
a. Report directly to the Board.
b. Implement vision.
c. Drive the mission and establish a healthy culture for the overall success.
d. Chair the Executive Committees.
e. Establish ad hoc committees as needed.
f. Collate officer reports.
g. Build an extensive network of support and counsel, through the consultants and others.
h. Create policies and systems to further the mission.
i. Direct the theologically driven messages, while balancing the prophetic and supportive voices.
j. Support the Executive Committee (EC) officers.

Sec. 4. Chief Operations Officer, of the One project shall:
a. Oversee all gathering production
b. Develop job descriptions for leadership, staff, and other management positions
c. Develop organizational charts
d. Oversee staff/volunteer development.

They shall be responsible for keeping the minutes of the proceedings of the Board meetings of the One project along with the Executive Committee, and for maintaining correspondence with church organizations. They shall collaborate with the csuite
to produce the monthly newsletters as well as the event dependent
newsletters, and for the performance of such other duties as usually pertain to such office.

Sec. 5. Chief Innovations Officer, of the One project shall:
a. Govern and create multiple processes for innovation of our mission.
b. Ensure that partners, consultants and leadership have a broad inclusive platform for sharing ideas and facilitating innovation around our gathering participants experience and other opportunities. Including the management of all social media content.
c. Convenes the Innovation Council on a monthly basis.
d. Search for opportunities to run creative ideas through a process of innovation.
e. Work with the CTO to create an idea harvesting process
f. Drive the philosophy behind the worship leading for all the gatherings.

Sec. 6. Chief Development Officer, of the One project shall:
a. Implement a fundraising plan to establish the strength of the One project.
b. Enhance long term stewardship and donor recognition
c. Raise funds for all operations.
d. Engage partners and establish new partners for each gathering
e. Manage their presence at gatherings
f. Manage advertising space.

Sec. 7. Chief Financial Officer, of the One project shall:
a. Manage and ensure fiscal transparency in conformity with the policies and procedures of the Rocky Mountain Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.
b. Prepare revenue reports
c. Generating budgets and other financial reports
d. Invoice payments
e. Ensure financial transparency
f. Provide monthly reporting to the Executive Committee (EC) and biannual reporting to the Board at large.

Sec. 8. Chief Marketing Officer, of the One project shall:
a. Offer particular emphasis on the stability of our gatherings.
b. Create awareness for the One project
c. Set rates for gatherings
d. Generate event registrations.
e. Oversee the ambassador program, website content, and overall brand development.
f. Oversee the content for app and website to ensure message consistency.

Sec. 9. Chief Technology Officer, of the One project shall:
a. Provide technological solutions that facilitate the operations of the One project.
b. Create and manage audio visual, live streaming, web, IOS, Android and other technological solutions as needed.

Sec. 10. Regional Chairs, of the One project shall:
a. Collaborate closely with their respective fields
b. Offer counsel
c. Set up policies in line with local Church practices.


Sec. 1. All officers of the One project shall hold office from the time they are elected and until their replacement is elected, or until they resign or are terminated from their office.


Sec. 1. The Board of Directors of the One project Board shall consist of:
a. Its CoFounders (Alex Bryan, Japhet De Oliveira, Timothy Gillespie, Sam Leonor and Terry Swenson)
b. Elected Directors
c. One representative from within the Divisions of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in which it conducts operations (presently NAD, TED, and SPD).
d.Elected LayMembers

Sec. 2. Board Membership is limited to individuals who are members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church that are in good and regular standing. The Co-Chief Executive Officers (Alex Bryan and Japhet De Oliveira) shall act as the Co-Chairs of the Board until such time as they choose to relinquish this position.

Sec. 3. The members of the Board of Directors shall be elected for a term of two (2) years at the spring meeting of the One project. Care should be taken to ensure that each geographical area where the One project operates is adequately represented.


Sec. 1. the One project will hold biannual meetings. Extra meetings may be called with one month’s notice.

Sec. 2. At least 50% of the Board membership must be present at the opening meeting of any regular or specially called Board Meeting to constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. Once the meeting is declared open, the members remaining present shall constitute a quorum.

Sec. 3. The election of Board members and the voting on all matters of business shall be by viva voce vote, or as designated by the Co-Chairs, unless otherwise requested by a majority of the members present.


Sec. 1. At each Board meeting of the One project, such committees as may be found necessary, including the following, shall be elected for the duration of the term:
A. Executive Committee
B. Gathering Committees
C. Regional Advisory Committees
D. Operations Committee
E. Technology Committee
F. TOP Kids Committee
G. Innovation Committee
H. generation One Committee
I. Development Committee
J. Finance Committee
K. Marketing Committee


At any regular or special Board meeting of the One project, the members may amend, the Bylaws by a two-thirds majority vote of the members present and voting. Such actions may embrace any provision not inconsistent with the Purpose of the organization.


In the event of the dissolution of the One project, any funds or assets remaining after all legitimate claims have been satisfied shall be transferred to the Rocky Mountain Conference of Seventh-day Adventists for distribution as recommended by the One project Board.

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