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1:1 DFW
1:1 DFW
April 28–29, 2017


Our one-day events (1:1) offer a smaller-scale version of One project gatherings, facilitated by and focused on the local church and community. As with all One project gatherings, the intention is to help people deepen their relationship with Jesus and become stronger Christians in their interactions with family, friends, and colleagues, making a profound and positive difference in their communities. This one-day event, offered for the first time in Arlington, Texas, offers incredible presentations, worship, opportunities for discussion and fellowship, and provides special activities for teens and children. It will start Friday evening and end Saturday evening (24hrs). 

The focus for this gathering is based on Luke 15

DFW 1:1 offers time for "recalibration," allowing participants to process their thoughts on the various reflections by noted speakers, and to begin engaging in practical applications that make a difference in their lives. The mini-gathering also offers generation One (ages 13-17) and TOP kids (ages 4-12) with TOP tots (ages 0-3)to help bring teens and children into closer relationships with Jesus through fun and interactive activities and social events.

Location: Arlington Seventh-day Adventist Church, 4409 Pleasantview Dr. Arlington, TX 76017

Questions please contact:

Local: A. Allan Martin 
the One project: Japhet De Oliveira


Registration rates

Regular adult : (until March 28, 2017) $49 (USD)

Discount adult : (until March 28, 2017) $29 (USD) [Provided for all members of Arlington Seventh-day Adventist Church]

Student : (until March 28, 2017) $29 (USD)

generation One : (until March 28, 2017) $29 (USD)

TOP kids : (until March 28, 2017) $29 (USD)

TOP tots : (until March 28, 2017) $29 (USD)

Late: (March 29 - April 20, 2017) $59 (USD)

58 days left! Registration will end on April 20 2017

Regular Registration

Until March 28
Ends March 28 2017

Student Registration

For full-time students only. Until March 28
Ends March 28 2017

generation One

13-17 year olds. Until March 28
Ends March 28 2017

TOP Kids

Ages 4-12. Limited to 15 kids. Lunch included on Saturday.
Ends March 28 2017

Discount Registration

For Arlington Church Members
Ends March 28 2017

TOP Tots

Ages 0-3. Limited to 15 kids. Lunch included on Saturday


Coming soon.

Full list of topics and speakers will be released shortly.

David Franklin, Senior Pastor, Miracle City Church, and co-host of Hope Channel's "Let's Pray"
Tim Gillespie, Senior Pastor, Crosswalk Church, Co-founder One Project
Lola Moore Johnston, Young Adult Ministries Director, South Central Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

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Regular adult participants in 1:1 DFW will worship, listen to a variety of noted speakers, and participate in group discussions designed to help deepen their relationship with Jesus and lead to positive change in their lives and communities. Refreshment breaks and a long lunch break allow time to get to know others. 

We offer two special programs designed to engage teens and children.

TOP kids: A fun-filled and varied day, offering children (ages 4-12) opportunities to learn more about Jesus through games and play. TOP kids is offered on a first come first served basis and our limited spaces fill up fast. Register your child before March 28. $29 per child. 

TOP tots: With the best professionals taking care of your little ones (ages 0-3) finding creative ways to engage them in Jesus, they will not want to skip this.  TOP tots is offered on a first come first served basis and our limited spaces fill up fast. Register your child before March 28. $29 per child. 

generation One: While teens (ages 13-17) attend the full 1:1 program, they are engaged with a team of high-energy youth facilitators who lead discussions through a unique set of recalibration questions designed to appeal to teen interests, concerns, and perspectives. Teens go out for lunch together and have opportunities to make new friends.Register your teen before March 28 per teen. 

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