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TOP people: Zan Long

TOP people: Zan Long

The speakers are wonderful and the music is unparalleled but the people you meet and the connections you form make One project gatherings truly unforgettable. In the weeks leading up to our Seattle gathering (February 14-16, 2016), we'll be highlighting a few of the faces you can look out for around the ballroom at the Westin Hotel.

Zan Long

Of all of the One projects that I’ve attended, my favorite moment is when it’s over and no one wants to leave. People are just gathered everywhere praying together. The conversations keep going, friendships have been made, photos are being taken. I love this moment. Feels like heaven on earth. Jesus does that!

"I’m counting down to the One project, Seattle. Not just because I'm super excited to be hosting TOP kids, but also because I will be turning 50 while we are there! I can’t believe I’m halfway to 100!

It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was a young girl dreaming of awesome adventures in country Australia. Boarding school and college completed, Rod and I got married. A year later we were expecting our first child, a daughter we named Monique. Two sons (Nathan and Sam) later, my career path was firmly set within motherhood. Those children are young adults now and they are having amazing adventures of their own.

As our children got older, Rod and I were able to start thinking about the stuff that we wanted to do. It was in this season that Rod decided he wanted to go to the One project in Seattle. I didn't think being with 700 Adventists was my kind of thing so Rod suggested we come home via Tahiti . . . I was in!

Since then, we've been to every One project gathering in the USA and in the South Pacific! I can’t believe that I’m deeply involved in a relationship with Jesus and my Church and my Conference. I thought that at my age it was time to be slowing down, but I've never been more excited for what Jesus has planned for us.

All I knew about the One project before I went to the first gathering was a phrase that I had heard. It was simply, “You will meet Jesus there.” I did. I believe! And it’s been the best adventure ever!

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