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TOP people: Jasmin Dotson

TOP people: Jasmin Dotson

Jasmin Dotson

"I left the last One project in Seattle feeing like a brand new person with a passion for Christ that I wanted to share with anyone and everyone who would listen. For the past two years, I've been living by this motto: Jesus. All."

Jasmin Dotson is 18 years old, and lives in Hot Springs, AR. She will graduate from high school in May and plans on pursuing a degree in elementary education, and later, a degree in law.

This is her third One project—and the gatherings are quickly becoming an annual event for Jasmin! She says, "Three years ago I was going through some very difficult situations, and my relationship with God was vanishing—and had been for some time. My pastor easily persuaded me to attend the One project gathering when he told me that the conference was purely about Jesus. I cannot recall the specifics of what he said, but it caught my attention very quickly and I canceled plans I had that weekend so I could go. On the first day of the conference,I fell immediately in love with the worship. The Holy Spirit touched my heart in ways I never had felt before. The speakers spoke truth that forever changed my life in ways that no one else would've ever been able to do. I was so on fire for Jesus!"

Jasmin especially appreciated the anointing on the final day. "The card that has the prayer we pray over each other, instantly brought me to tears. It is one of the most beautiful things I've ever read. I couldn't help but feel extremely blessed and humbled by Jesus' gift of eternal life and the forgiveness He offers us every single day. The One project made me realize that Christianity isn't just about the 28 fundamental beliefs and ten commandments—though they are important too. It's about Jesus and your relationship with Him."

"Why am I excited to be coming back this year? Because I know there are going to be new ways that God will touch my heart. I'm hoping to see some of my favorite speakers from the past couple of years as well as new ones. I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am for the One project because it revived my relationship with Jesus."

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