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Atlanta 2011

"Thanks for spearheading a great gathering. We were very blessed and encouraged. As a result, we are changing our sermon topics for most of the year. We are going to be focusing on some of the topics covered at the meeting and then heading into the Gospel of John for most of the year. After the meeting we were all convicted [that] we need to have our people more in the word--specifically the Gospel." - David Achata

"I am so encouraged that my Adventist family wants to lift up Jesus as ALL - His supremacy in our midst is our salvation and hope. He is the only ONE worthy and this project will honor Him and the Adventist Church as we unite to glorify our Savior." - Chris Bullock

"I am praying for all the leaders that God would bless your works and gifts to bring forth the faith expression that this generation needs to fill the world with the love of Christ. Pray for me that I may be strong enough through Christ to do whatever He has for me. That above all, God's will in my life would be ultimate." - Tyler Cantrell

"John and I experienced a new walk with our Savior, Jesus Christ last weekend and have been enjoying the books you sent home with us. Thanks for all the work you did to create an environment in which the Holy Spirit could do her work." - Pam Cress

"Experienced Jesus and felt proud to be a Seventh-day Adventist." - Manny Cruz

"It [has] been more than a week since our gathering in ATL and the blessing is still with me. And that's because more than experiencing some kind of conference super high, I encountered the love and heard the voice of Christ afresh. It has changed my heart. Thanks for inviting me, but more importantly, thanks for being obedient to the Spirit and creating a space for us [to] remove the clutter and give our undivided attention to the One. Jesus. All." - David B. Franklin

"Thank you so much for your words of affirmation and appreciation. I have been listening and talking from the sidelines for months with Dany so it was great to see it finally come together. I was encouraged to see so many people that I have connected with over the years present in Atlanta. God has kept me walking in a certain direction and this was reaffirmed to me by the presence of the fellow travelers that I saw in Atlanta. When I went to Atlanta I wasn't intending to photograph the event. I took my camera along because I always carry my camera and honestly, I was hoping to maybe get over to the aquarium for a few hours and photograph that. :-) It is always a dilemma for me when I am photographing an event. Do I participate in the event or do I photograph it? It's impossible to do both at the same time. I think I found a good balance in Atlanta because I was certainly blessed by each person who spoke and I made it a point to set my camera down during the discussion times and especially for Communion and the Blessing of the Hands. I was spiritually challenged and moved by each of the seven speakers, but it was the Blessing of the Hands that was the most profoundly moving for me I would encourage you and your "Band of Brothers" to continue in prayer and hold fast to the original vision that God has given you. The revival will be in individual lives and the reformation will be in individual actions and decisions. So press on. It's time to take the 1 to Europe. Jesus (full stop) All (full stop)" - Delwin Finch

"I told you I was a little scared (prior to the event), which usually means God is preparing me for something. No way to prepare for this! Lol. This entire week was special. Leading worship yesterday at both of our services was a great way to conclude a journey that now continues. I say to you the same words spoken to me that meant so much "thank you for allowing Jesus to use you in a special way. And I sincerely mean it. God bless you." - Robert Graham

"I had a wonderful time in Atlanta and have a great desire to become more like Jesus. I was reminded in the meetings of my teens and early twenties when I would journal every night before I would go to bed that I use to have a request to the Lord which was to be more like Jesus in every way. To have all of the qualities, the fruits of the spirit, especially to be humble. I hadn't thought of that request in a while but in Atlanta it was brought to mind and is now again entering my prayers. Funny how our worship changes through the years and some times veers off and maybe becomes extinct. I felt a pulling on my heart to take up some of my older habits and let go of a few of my newer ones, where I feel more content that I am heading in the right direction. At least for now that is." - Sandra Will

"I took away a strong desire to have a better relationship with Jesus Christ. I want to attend Sabbath School now." - Erin Hotelling

"I, like many, went down to ATL for the One Project a little unsure of what to expect. With a busy calendar here in PHX during the start of '11 I actually tried to get out of coming quite a few times, but felt over and over that God wanted me to be part of this journey. The whole trip was one of the richest blessings of my time in ministry. It was so refreshing to sit in a room with some of the most influential minds in our church and purely worship and proclaim Jesus and savior and Lord! I left ATL having a renewed focus and energy for my personal spiritual journey and in my ministry calling. I appreciated the breakout sessions, presentations, and times to worship together as a family! You know there are times when you go to conferences and feel the pressure to act like are an expert in your area of ministry to train and teach others. Often there is an expectation to have your stuff together or at least act like you do. The One Project was a chance to leave facades behind, let down your guard, express questions, let the world know you don't have all the answers, and simply "be" with Jesus. You felt this amazing community being built with a 170 peeps in just a day and a half. Jesus is amazing, and what an experience this was for us. You mentioned many times your "experience in Denver." For us we'll be saying "oh man you remember being with Jesus in Atlanta." I am planning on being in Seattle in February of '12. Thanks Japhet for following the vision God gave you to put this together, it was a rich blessing for us all!" - Benjamin Lundquist

"It was an honor to be there an learn from those who are much wiser than I. What an incredible launching pad for this summer's ministries! Thanks to you guys for being visionaries for Jesus. All." - Fidi Mwero

"Jesus is EVERYTHING and I am NOTHING." - Tim Nixon

"I wanted to go [to the One project] because I feel like in our efforts to understand God and relate to Him, we try to put Him in human terms and limit Him. We decide we know what He wants and how everything should be, and we begin to believe it. In the end, this becomes incredibly discouraging because we fall so short. I wanted to take God out of the boxes I've put Him in and be reminded of His strong love." - Sara Olakowski

"I was blessed to be a part. I am glad I attended. Thanks for being the catalyst. Courage." - Pedro Perez

"Never let the urgent crowd out the important - the motto I chose when I started ministry. But it's hard, and sometimes I look around and look forward to when I'll get to what's important. The One gathering in Atlanta reminded me that Jesus is "what's" important, and nothing is too urgent to make Him wait. I pray that I will be better at making that real in my ministry and in my personal life as well. Looking forward to Finland and Seattle. I know He will make sure we have stories to share, when we get there. Jesus. All." - Thomas Rasmussen

"I chose to attend the One project because I truly believed that Jesus was working in the lives of its leaders. I wanted to be a part of that; I saw it as a chance to see Jesus in a new light. After going and experiencing Jesus as my All, I will never look at Christianity the same. I truly have a friend in Jesus, how amazing is that!" - Leah Rodriguez

"I am praying that we all have conviction to have the strength of faith, character, conscious and community to finish this work that we have seen started. I really enjoyed the time at Atlanta. The "gathering" was a blessing since it reinforced the center of our Adventist belief and witness namely the One in whom we are safe and can "dance our life" down here. It is of course refreshing to be surrounded by like minded people and it was great meeting new friends by discussing, sharing, praying, and blessing each other! When our faith, mission and personal lives is centered and oriented on Jesus, we can joyfully anticipate the One who is coming. It is my hope and desire that more and more local churches may be transformed into real "Jesus communities." I believe that the One project may encourage and facilitate such a move. Be blessed and I praise God for the many gifts you have!" - Stephan Sigg

"[The] One Project brought me to the throne room of Jesus where I saw His awesomeness, power and unmerited free grace!! It was where the Holy Spirit showed up and showed out. Where Elohim was Praised!!!" - Cheonneth Strickland

"In Atlanta, at the One Project we spent time at a gathering, discussing, conversing, and rediscovering a friend - Jesus. Because He is all, because He paid it all, all to Him I must give. I realized that I want [the me I am today] to be completely destroyed. To become a me that I do not recognize, and to live completely for Jesus. My career path is of little consequence, the call is still the same; the burden for sinners, the devotion to Jesus, and a commitment to prayer. Because well, Jesus. Is. All." - Keren Toms

"Atlanta was pretty awesome. Upon reflection, it struck me how deeply moved so many of us were by the gathering. For some, it was a renewal of their spirits and a reconnection of what it means to be a minister of the gospel. For others it was the connection with a community of like minded individuals, a glimpse of that church that we all long to belong to as portrayed by Acts 2. For still others, maybe it was the first time they truly connected with Jesus, and for one, it was hearing His voice and call. Really powerful moments! For me it was the reminder of what I'm about. It may be that I am going off to get my PhD now, but the gathering was that deep reminder of the call to not lose sight of what we are about on this earth. I just hope that the course my wife and I are pursuing will ultimately bring people closer to Him through revealing the context of the scriptures and in that way giving some a deeper connection with the gospel message." - Matthew Vincent

"The One project was a refreshing experience to witness - Seventh-day Adventists of all different ages, from all over the world, coming together with the intention of unifying over one important love we all share - Jesus Christ. My husband and I found it invigorating to hear genuine testimonies of faith and passion, as we were inspired to make an effort in our own lives to reflect a Christ-centered faith to the world." - Brittany Woods

"I am the one that should and would like to thank you. Not knowing what to completely expect I have come away having experienced once again closeness with Jesus. Thank you for your hard work and vision to focus solely on the 'ONE'. Thank you as well for being willing to talk. I look forward to conversations to come. Again, thank you so much for providing me with this opportunity!"- Ryan Whitehead

"It was wonderful to spend time dreaming and worshiping with kindred spirits. The conference as a whole put a lot of hope in my heart for our church, and I know it did the same for numerous friends." - Zane Yi

"It was an incredible blessing to be in Atlanta. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve with you and the rest the team. I plan to be at every gathering possible. Celebrating the supremacy and centrality of Christ is not like other ministry ideas (great as they may be). The One Project is simply affirming the way things are, whether or not we recognize them as such. Thank you for your leadership in helping our church get on board with the reality of God's kingdom. I have no doubt that Christ will use One to change our church. He's already used it to change me." - Nick Zork

"This past February I attended the One project in Atlanta. My favorite team had just lost the superbowl to a team from Wisconsin and in a state of mourning I found myself amongst several curious and expecting ministry leaders from my church. As much as I wanted to sulk, that wouldn't work. What was this One project all about? Powerful presentations on the supremacy of Christ were closely followed by intense small group discussions. Then the small groups gave feedback to the big group. While the pace of the gathering was comfortable, before I knew it - it was over. One of the last questions we responded to had to do with how we would take the One project to our homes and implement "Jesus. All." in our context. Not surprisingly, there was a flurry of ideas that came in an unbroken stream. Ideas mentioned included: developing One project "curriculum", distributing/streaming recordings of future One project gatherings, twitter campaigns, facebook groups, replicating the One project weekends all over the world, One project wiki's, books, One project worship events, etc. Yes, yes, YES! A conference room full ministry gurus - undoubtedly, we could have been there batting ideas around for days. And while I am all for taking the One project to every nation, tribe and tongue, I was moved by and towards something different. Before I describe that let me be clear: I am all for "Jesus. All." The One project growing/multiplying/changing the world sound like a great idea. BUT, there was something else. An issue that was spoken to in our small groups, during meals, in hotel rooms, on flights, car trips, the lot. I"m referring to aloneness. At my table every person reflected explicitly or implicitly about how compelling the concept of, "Jesus.All.", and at the same time would describe how exhausted they were by how much they were trying to get done, often by themselves. As I left the One Project I wondered how this group of guys put this together. And like everyone else, I had some ideas of how to bring "Jesus. All." home. And then - all of a sudden - BAM! It hit me. Denver. DENVER! Before the Atlanta gathering, before Finland, before the One Project website, before @The1Project was on twitter there was a group of men that gathered in Denver and dreamed, prayed, praised, cried maybe, and longed for Jesus to reign supreme in the church they loved. Could it be that what we should do before campaigning "Jesus. All." at our homes is maybe take a few days and retreat with those people who will be by our sides? What if prior to sitting and planning the next evangelistic campaign we committed to not doing it alone? Maybe the One project would make a bigger difference at your home community if you committed to making sure 5 other people got it before you tried to convince 500. What if the One Project is supposed to result in many more Denver moments with few? I'm registered for Seattle - don't get me wrong - but I'm hungry for my Denver moment." - Enoc Lopez

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