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Newcastle 2013

A jolt back into Christ Jess Keye

Freshness, Highly Spiritual and Lively. Victor Kulakov

It was a renewing of my love and passion for living my life for Jesus Christ. Nathan

It was a time of refreshing, regrouping and relearning. Pr Dave Hamilton

Spiritual food for the starved! Jossee McCrostie

That there are still many people in this world who simply want to share Jesus. Justin Walker

To be revived .. Marc

A chance to encourage change. Trevor Mawer

Knowing I'm not alone or wrong in what I feel needs to change in my Church. Nerida

This gathering has reignited not only a passion for Christ but has clarified a desire to shift our collective emphasis towards Jesus commitment for outreach and alleviation of suffering and away from a more traditional and rigid focus. Kym Roach Lithgow

I am so happy and filled with hope that there are people in our church who are passionate about refocusing on Jesus. Libby

To reset my focus, to refresh, to come back to my First Love. I needed to be there, God needed me to be there. Erin

To be with a community of like minded believers who want change and to listen to the views of others. To be challenged, uplifted and humbled. To add meaning where possible in the conversations at the table. I just love it and I'm so glad that God is still talking to our Pastors. Lynda Keck

This gathering was another piece of overwhelming evidence that God has my best in mind. I have been battling health issues for a while and recently faced a lot of stress within my workplace, but my attendance at the One project has refocused my attention on Jesus and given me the direction I desperately needed in my life. Andrea Bernoth

The One Project reinvigorated my pursuit of Jesus as the centre of my life & my Church family. Chris Starrett

The One Project helps my focus remain on Jesus. It gives my ministry energy and direction. Wes Tolhurst

I love that we get to meet together and meet with talk and share His faithfulness and also assess the spirituality of our church and our own lives. It is a great time of reflection and celebration of having Jesus central to everything. Carolyn

It's okay for me to question what has been preached & I want to live and breathe Jesus because without Him I amnothing. Elna

The One Project gathering was a spiritual mountaintop experience for me, helping me to refocus on Jesus and relax into life and discussions centred around him with people who love him. I was so blessed! Ruth-Ellen Marks

A spiritual feast - uplifting - needed that - it has pushed me further into the word - how blessed I feel – highly recommend and am! Bronwyn Carter

It was refreshing, inspiring, thought provoking. I understood the centrality of Jesus in a new way. Clare

It really was a time to recalibrate. My focus is back on what matters the most - Jesus. Sylvia Mendez

For the first time in many years, I felt bursting full of hope and optimism at life ahead. After the darkness of wanting to throw in the towel, to be bathed in the light and love of Jesus and fellow believers was incredibly uplifting, inspiring and hope-fostering. God bless us all. Cindy

Confirmed and refreshed Christ's supremacy in all things - both personal and corporate. Love Him more and want to serve Him more!!! Craig Moroney

The One Project was such an amazing faith-growing, thought-provoking, fellowshipping experience. You can't help but be changed and blessed in some way, and I came away with such a spiritual and social high - it was awesome!! Shaleesa Keye

It changed me... Inspired, faith building, and mad blessed! Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. It not about the way we DO church, its about the way we LIVE Jesus! Sarah-Jane Riley

It made me proud to be an Adventist. We are learning to focus less on the rules of being Christians and more on the love of Jesus. Jess Laws

It just brought me to the foot of the Cross and I stayed there with Jesus for the whole time and that is the place I want to stay. Russell Fehlberg

The gathering reminded me of my passion for my relationship for living in Christ. I'd almost forgotten the joy and peace that comes from this relationship. I just have to be willing. Brayden Rath

An opportunity to be refreshed, challenged and to sit and listen to servants of the Lord speaking...awesome! Lit Turner

It was so good to be able to attend an event like this with my family, I wasn't sure if it would be a positive experience for my teenage children, but I believe we're all better people for having attended. One Project makes me excited for the future of our church. Thank-you to all those involved in bringing it to Newcastle. Tracey Ellem

It meant reconnecting with Jesus and my church. Last gathering I learnt how Jesus really was the centre of Adventism,but this gathering I finally saw what it looked like! I saw a glimpse of how a Jesus-loving and Jesus-centred community acts, and what it looks like. Super powerful weekend, I've gone home filled, inspired, blessed, and ready to walk in Jesus name! Valerie Donat

This gathering meant a re-acquaintance with Jesus. The real Jesus. Not the felt/rose tinted/caucasians playing with Lions/watered down November version, but the Jesus with skin. The Jesus with infinite power, and the Jesus who is yearning to connect with me. And after this weekend. I have a burning desire to connect with Him. Lorinda

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