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Perth 2014

The One project has been great reassessment to me, that what I am continuing to do at my workplace is the right thing (what a great, pick me up weekend!) - Justin

Absolutely recalibrate our life & priorities in life to be aligned with Jesus as our foundation and core of Life. Hi is my all! - Bisa Goodwill

The One project has reminded me of the importance of ‘pausing in Jesus’ and ‘spying’ what He needs me to do next. So much valuable content! You guys packed a week of Big Camp into 1 1/2 days. I can still hear the line from the video clip transforming “I only live once” to instead “I only live for Him” ... What a great life motto. Definitely a spiritual highlight of my year. So blessed by those succinct messages about our faith. Need to hear it again! Well planned. Excellently presented, professional, relevant, inspiring… so proud to be an Adventist! Thank you for coming to the most isolated city in the world! - Letitia

A place where I could pause and take time for my relationship with Jesus. To be blessed by speakers and people at my tables. Thank you for coming to WA - Dale

Has been an experience that will change my life forever - Ruvimbo

Where we rediscover the genius and blessing of Adventism as we get a clearer focus on Jesus. - Andrew Skeggs

Gives me a sense of hope my my church. Thtat there are others who share my vision of a church who represents Jesus wholly & fully - body, mind & soul. That they believe in our role as Jesus’ arms - to reach out, hold and nurture - Tanya Caldwell

This is how we should do church. Time to reflect, discuss, grow, learn… together - Emily Keye

Most uplifting, organised and Jesus connecting SDA event I have attended - Geoff

I felt the challenge to return to the centrality of Jesus as our hope asperational. Lisa's presentation on inspiration is an essential message that sought to answer questions Christians are regularly asked in the market place. I am really excited many from our church were able to attend. Who knows what God will do now? Thanks for such an awsome, multigenerational dialogue to help set our hearts on fire and heal - Pr Paul Goltz

To be reminded, and to recalibrate, our Church Movement's focus as 'Jesus. All' is essential, and encouraging to me. God intends Jesus to be First, Middle, and Last in the Purpose (Rev.14) He has given us - Clem Van B.

It has reinforced my understanding that it is the 'now' that is important and that to achieve anything I must 'pause and let Jesus lead'. That our dreams for God's church is the same as His dream and it's all based on a relationship with Him - Cathy Kingston

Inspirational,positively uplifting,a wonderful reminder that I am a child of The King,JESUS my Lord and Savior.Alleluja - George

It has changed me. A definite 'renewing of my mind' as God promises. A Divine refocus. I'm so excited about how my church community will be transformed as we had a high number of our members attend the wknd - Jodie

I enabled me to not only share my personal testimony and experiences of Christ with others, but I was able to gain a more dynamic view of the bible through discussion with strangers - Lachlan Harders

Anonymous quotes about the One project Perth gathering:

  • has given me hope and vision for a Jesus-focused Adventism
  • has sown me Jesus, again. And has equipped me to continue my work
  • has opened my heart to the importance of the centrality of Christ’s ministry in my Life the church and our community.
  • Life changing a turning point in my life
  • It meant meeting Jesus,this time in a place that had meaning, seeing Him in different light. And how if He is in me, I should be seeing others and living my life as He did.
  • A redirection in how I view my relationship with God, our church and service.
  • An opportunity to celebrate and grow in Jesus with fellow Adventists.
  • An opportunity to refresh and be refreshed by others...
  • Best organised Jesus connecting SDA Event I have ever attended. Blessings to the team.
  • Blessing was a knock out!
  • It was a good gathering.
  • It was a time to get away from my local church and hear about Jesus through another source
  • Just as good as a camp meeting, I really enjoyed the sharp precise messages
  • Mind-blown. Eyes-opened. Blessed and encouraged.
  • Reconnected and Challenged and Refreshed.
  • I was encouraged by what was said. I felt inspired by some of the presenters
  • I really enjoyed the speakers, they really got to the heart of the matter at hand and spoke with a voice directed by God, you could see it and feel the Holy Spirit. I feel like some really good points and ideas were brought up that I could take home with me, thought I will still really need to go over the content again to get a full understanding and depth to the content.
  • I felt that there was a lot of information given in such a short period of time. At first I found it quiet overwhelming, however walking away from the experience a week later I feel truly blessed having attended and it has made me a happier person. Thanks
  • It was really great to be able to take time out and just reflect with other Jesus followers. It really helped recharge my spiritual walk and growth.
  • This experience has left me pondering why so many people desire to be a part of this when the local church should already be acting and behaving like this.
  • It acted as a reconnect for my spiritual life and a way to challenge my youth from my local church through table discussion to live more for Christ.
  • It is an example of how church should be in that we purposefully discuss the sermons and topics and can learn from each other and grow closer in Christ
  • a reassuring fact that in my workplace I am representing christ showing others the love that he offers to everyone!
  • Heath and I attended the Gathering for the first time and loved it, our facilitator helped our table have some great discussions. We are continuing the discussions at home . Thank you for a wonderful weekend.
  • Taking a new dynamic of gathering with me to the local church that's more engaging - table discussions. Focus on Jesus has moved me to focus on being more like Him within my family
  • I was so blessed and uplifted to be in the company of people who share Jesus the way I sense Him to be. Thank you
  • A fantastic opportunity to connect with Jesus with fellow Adventists, but not all of whom I knew beforehand (allowing for fresh perspectives) and challenging speakers.
  • A wonderful and uplifting experience which I thoroughly enjoyed. Loved having it in Perth due to time constraints.
  • That God works through different gatherings to reach different sorts of people. Not everyone has the same experience these gatherings - that's fine. Talks with a lot of bible ref really challenging and spoke to the heart. Good to catch up with friends. Positive experience overall.

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