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Seattle 2012

"It showed me that my church is not an island, even though it may feel that way." - Lauren Wild

"Putting Jesus first means putting people first. Jesus All doesn't mean we loose what we believe, it gives all that we believe life!" - Tommy Panigot

"It meant remembering God in the small things, as well as the big things and finding the courage to go back to my community, willing to fight for His causes no matter what trials I face and opposition I find myself against. To bring Jesus' love to the least of these and exclude no one. Taking risks for Jesus like Ellen White did at the conference of 1888." - Karalee Garcia

"I came feeling empty, and I am leaving still feeling a little empty, but in a good way. An unattainable longing even. For Jesus." - Jonny Moor

"I not only am more in love with Jesus, but more in love with the SDA church." - Jill Stickle

"This has been perhaps, the most enriching and encouraging spiritual and religious experience of my life. I feel closer to Jesus and more a part of my church then ever before." - Ian Field

"My love for Jesus has ben renewed and I have been humbled. Christ is my all. Of that I am sure." - Joylyn Crews

"It affirmed me, freed me, taught me, loved me. Thank you." - Sarah Ventura

"I have been totally renewed. This is the forefront of the Adventist movement. I am honored to be a part." - Samantha Richardson

"It was a great conversation! Lets keep talking!" - Delroy

"I appreciated the honesty with where the church is. How we got here, and what needs to change." - Tom Lemon

"The One project has been a reassuring experience for my ministry." - Paquini

"To worship with fellow Seventh-day Adventists that have a similar belief in Jesus was valuable." - Jay Jutzy

"For the first time in many years I felt proud to call myself and Adventist. I am inspired and daunted and excited and nervous and itching to head back to me church and community - to go back and live the message that Jesus. All. I wish I could say that I am leaving a changed person, but it would be more accurate to say I will go out as a person who is beginning. Beginning to love. Beginning to trust. Beginning to walk with greater faith and an increased confidence in my God and my church. I have been made more thankful for how Adventism began, how it has grown and where it can go. But now, after writing all of this, and concluding the gathering, I can only say, I am humbled to be His." - Amy Bauer-Heald

"Realigned. Personal. It was a personal re-encounter with Jesus and going forward I pray that the personal encounter will affect my home, my workplace, my church, my neighborhood. Jesus. All. Affecting all of my!" - B. Groff

"I am wrecked by the immensity of the call to be Jesus in this world." - Walter Groff

"This experience is a re-charge and a reassurance that I am not alone in wanting to see the Jesus I love more prominently in the church I love." - John Lubke

"My passion for Jesus has been rekindled. He is here." - Tim Peters

"I realized I wasn't alone on this journey." - Nancy Carbonell

"My heart was broken many times over, but completely reaffirmed by the testimonies and messages from the heart of God." - K.C.

"We love the One, we worship the One, and together we are the One." - Jiyau Li

"This project highlighted a like-minded community of Adventists that I am proud to be affiliated with. As a young adult I have struggled with the picture the SDA church presents of Jesus to the world, as well as the attitude of eliteness. If I weren't involved in ministering to the youth, I would have left the church. I find it difficult to bring people to Christ through our church when we are filled with judgmental, condemning 'Christ Followers' who are more concerned with 'Right thinking' than a meaningful life-changing relationship with Christ. It is encouraging to see our denomination address the issues of our past and present, while collectively seeking to be the church that God desires and needs us to be. I leave with hope for our denomination, and a desire to fuel this movement in the Adventist church." - Devann White

"Seeing Jesus. All. in so many others - both friends and strangers - is incredibly encouraging to me as I look at the future of our church." - Jana Lee

"Many questions answered." - Sabas

"This is a much-needed intimate gathering! It's great to see so many willing to stand up for the church and for Jesus." - Wayne Leman

"A precious time to come together and share Jesus, a time to reflect and reestablish-reevaluate my commitment to God." - Lorenna Carbajal

"The One project helped me see important Jesus is in everything and that all generations have had arguments with previous ones." - Kyle Lambert

"It meant a lot. The experience, more then the information, the community, the conversations, just being together with others who are passionate about God-Wonderful!" - Mary McVay

"Building a collective mind to make Jesus the focus of the Seventh-day Adventist church. I encountered Jesus." - Filip M.

"Hope." - Troy Ahrens

"One project was an amazing time of renewal for me, refreshing my faith and love for Jesus, re-invigorating my soul to serve more, and re-igniting my passion for Jesus and the Adventist church. I was wonderful to share in an open and non-judgmental environment-trusting and caring. I long for the say when each of our churches can have that same environment. Thank you for such wonderful worship, teaching, and discussion - it gave me what I needed... Jesus! Really appreciated everyone's hard work in pulling this together. Be Blessed." - Rod Long

"I was skeptical about coming here, but the One project has restored my faith in the earnest search for God in our church. I loved the worship services. It wasn't a show with big lights or even old school boring service. It was like hearing the angels singing along with us. It was a community of Jesus lovers praising His name in humble adoration. Simple guitars, simple piano, simple violins and simple voices - simply amazing worship. The presentations touched on topics that have caused a lot of pain in the church. It was good to hear that people from around the country have felt the same pain and want to change from whatever resentment they have to a love for Jesus. We're going back to basics - Jesus - and I love it. Best of al, We are not trying to go against the church, but grow with it." - Jessica

"Today I choose You again, and remind me in my moments that I have chosen to follow You." - Glenn Gibson

"A blessing and reminders!" - Janice Montesa

"I think the One project has changed my view on doctrine and on how Jesus should be the center of our lives." - Reese Jimenez

"I'm a freshman in high school, and this whole 'One project' thing meant a lot to me. I'm trying to figure out everything and figure out who God is. I found Him here." - Keeley Jones

"This experience to me, shows that lots of people believe what I believe that Jesus is everything. But now we must live that." - Zach McDonald

"I leave here armed with a conversation that will bring to the forefront the real, powerful, and relevant Jesus to my community." - Tyler Cantrell

"Allows time to refocus on Jesus." - Burt

"I am excited to go home re-centered on Jesus." - Rick Anderson Jr.

"This brought me so much clarity in where we as a church and I as an SDA teacher need to go - to the feet of Jesus!" - Tami Rowe

"Jesus is more then enough - Jesus. All!" - Lemar Sandiford

"The Adventist hope is in His return but our hope today must be in that He dwells in us between now and then." - Todd Rosspencer

"I have fallen in love with Jesus and my church all over again." - Tony Anobile Sr.

"Discovering the Jesus who has patiently been waiting for me to know Him more." - Julian Nash

"It has helped me to refocus everything through Christ." - Jon Remitera

"My heart could breath, I experience what I believe was what Heaven could be like. Jesus was lifted up in the truest form." - Jocelyn Prado

"I took a lot from the One project. I feel blessed and refreshed. I feel like a new person." - Daniel Meharry

"Hope for the future of our faith." - Don Williams

"This experience has revealed to me that the mystery of Christ within us is the hope of glory and that He is everything!" - Katy Meharry

"As a college student right now in my life, it was a blessing and great experience to make a connection with God in a simply way." - Bridget Bechtel

"It educated me on church history. It gave me answers to really hard questions. It enriched my life." - Laura Hoyt

"Powerful time of reflection and self evaluation." - John McCann

"Reminded me of my true SDA identity in Christ and brought healing from a Christless Adventist past." - Ron Pickell

"Jesus has been, is currently, and will always be a permanent reason for the existence of the Adventist church." - Craig Hadley

"So awesome to see Jesus lifted so high and be the focal point of all doctrine and ministry of the church." - J. Rincker

"As a Mennonite who had to leave the SDA church to find Christ, I am encouraged by this renewed focus on Jesus. All." - Jonathan Steen

"The One project is, I believe, a gathering for 'such a time as this'. The pure, supreme focus on Jesus as the foundation for our belief, our purpose, our very existence is inspiring. It makes me proud of my world church and family and it brings hope for our future as we stay fixated on Christ." - Sarah Asaftei

"I am proud to be an Adventist, because we are all about Jesus!" - Derek

"It gave me hope for the future of our church." - Vanessa Becker

"The One project is a breath of fresh air in Adventism. Let our church catch wind of the spark. Jesus. All." - Steven Shafer

"I am no longer ashamed to call myself an Adventist." - Cassi Fitzpatrick

"Sometimes going away with God gives me the restoration I need, but sometimes you're too hurt and alone to do that again. The One project renewed my heart. I am not alone as a woman, SDA lover of Jesus, and lover or people." - Chloe Lewis

"It gave me a renewed sense of passion for Christ. I'm excited to see what He has in store for me." - Heather Wells

"I am encouraged knowing there are so many other Adventists committed to following Jesus above all else." - Daniel Wysong

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