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Sydney 2014

This was an extraordinary all inclusive intergenerational time of fellowship, worship and inspirational preaching. Even the creative elements, such as Christ's broken body served on a broken plank of wood, added depth to the experience for all of us. Thank you! - Angela Saunders

It’s an excellent opportunity that creates challenge for me. At One project I get to hear other perspectives and I get to hear that there are others who like me, want a christ centred life. It’s encouraging, challenging, invigorating and it sends me back out ready to go - Lynda Keck

It is a reminder of why I believe in Jesus, and how all my/our beliefs are centred around Jesus! This ABC guide of how I can live out Jesus & Scripture in whatever I do - Valerie D

The One project is a great spiritual program that helps christians strengthen their faith and knowledge. It connects with each individual and brings many great speakers to share the word and to help us understand it - Jessica Kuo

It was such an amazing experience, especially for my 1st time I learnt a lot and it definitely opened my eyes to a completely new perspective on Christ. Being with others who are searching for answers also can help support one another in our walk - Stephanie

A part of my journey towards God. I am currently undertaking bible studies towards baptism this year, and I have found the One project to be a powerful and meaningful step forward in my journey to God - Lauren McColl

It was refreshing, uplifting, humbling and inspiring - Adele

It changed the way I look at the manifestation of the Holy Spirit - in our everyday lives the way we react and respond will be with love and not with irritable aggro or whatever negative response does not emulate Jesus love - Gaylene Heise

It has given me the reason and resources to refocus and put Jesus back as my number one priority - Lauren

The One project has changed my sense of despair, frustration & discouragement with Adventism to one of hope for the future - Raymond Dabson

The One project shows a bright future of the church and makes me want to be a part of the forward movement. Thank you for the Jesus focus this weekend and not a tradition focus. (tradition follows jesus) - Tyson Dunne

This is an amazing concept and I'm going to use similar things back in my home church - Jayden Wadd

It reminded me who needs to be centre of my life. So often I forget. Yet it’s so easy - Jesus ALL - Lara Steele

The One project is a refocus for me that Jesus is central in the story of my life, and that He asks me to share time with Him every day and in every part of my life. Praise God for the One project - Geofrey Frauenfelder

Inspiring, motivating, encouraging - Libby

A non judgemental, happy space where we are gently reminded that Jesus is simply all we need. nothing else - Angie B

It was an opportunity to discover more about Jesus. who he is and how he is working in other people. it is an opportunity to refocus. To stop looking IN and look OUT - Sylvia

The One project should be the model of how church should be run. Small talks and discussions rather than listening to long sermons (kids spend all week being taught and lectured at, Sabbath needs to be a break from that. - Mitch Courtney

A breath of fresh air! so thankful to connect with other like-minded people. Refreshing, inspiring & challenging. Thank you for showing Jesus in all! - Heidi

A time to pause and re-check my priorities and focus where I am putting my time and energy. Life changing - Shona Platt

Amazing; full of incredible conversations, powerful words and wonderful connections. Thank you so much - Kym Roach

Reminds me of what & who is most important in life - Mark Baines

Makes people aware of Jesus and his present impact, past impact and future impact on the lives of the people in the human race - Phil Yates

What an amazing experience. To gather with a group of people who have such a passionate love for God, and honest dialogue about His love for us and how we can lavish it on others, has been an invaluable experience - Monique

Gives me another year to think I may cope staying with the SDA church - G.H.M

It's a beautiful way to do church, intellectually stimulating, a place for discussion & understanding, a place where we meet others who want to make Jesus (just jesus) their focus - Stacey Lynch

A “Boost” experience and life empowering. I love the creativity around the place. I felt recharged as I came to re-encounter with Him, the One - Landry

If you haven’t been, go! Refreshed and inspired - James

Is the revival and refocusing process of the church that has been needed! it is real, relevant & inspiring - Jess Laws

The One project is a chance to leave all my junk at the foot of the cross, to tune out the state of my everyday life & refocus on the One - Lyndelle Peterson

Please more of One project. We need it - Lola

The experience was epic. It renewed my relationship with Jesus - Brayden Rath

Often I feel disappointed but the Adventist faith but the One Project helps to renew my faith in the faith. But above all makes me fall in love with Jesus again - Caryn Deojee

It meant alot to me as I've found a conference that suits my needs in my spiritual walk with Christ - Jossee McCrostie

I met and reconnected with Jesus once again. Through the powerful messages and true church community, God's promises of heaven on Earth became more of a reality for me. I am deeply grateful that the One Project created an environment where I could see a whole new face of my Heavenly Father that has further inspired me to discover more about him and further pursue a deeper relationship with him. JESUS.ALL. - Beez

It was a great time of personal and corporate encouragement, that God is bringing us back to Jesus, and his Great Commandments and Great Commission - Roland Talamaivao-Amituanai

It was fantastic! Something I've been longing for, for a long time! It's been refreshing to know there are other people wanting more and wanting to put Jesus first in everything. I am not alone! It's liberating to know that it's ok to explore my beliefs and grow! Thank you for giving us the space and time to think and explore together - Heidi

This was a time where we were challenged to view our own Christian lives from a new perspective, and to develop a more complete understanding of our denominational beliefs. As a minister in training, I also found that the Minister Special on the following Monday was so applicable and helpful. Seeing I know that I have quite a few years to go until I graduate, it was beneficial to get inside the heads of those who had been in ministry for a longer time and form possible ways of dealing with issues that will most certainly arise - Stephen Duncan

It has given me a new light, vision, belief, and hope in the church. That we can be a part of that body of christ, unified with the rest of Christianity - Tyson

The One Project experience has reminded me why I love my church (Adventist) and its message (prophetic and doctrine) and mission (relational) - Ray Moaga

Just what I needed! Speakers were inspirational - more than that - they spoke from the heart and touched my heart. Thank you so much for the experience. I will definitely come again - Cornelius

It is impossible to spend an entire weekend with Jesus and not, in awe, fall back in love with Him - Erin Raethel

It was an amazing opportunity to explore the character of Jesus, and dialogue with a diverse group of people unified by the ONE - Clare Barnes

It was again an experience I would love all my family and friends to have. It is like you have spent a day and a half at JESUS' feet, just soaking up the absolute Unconditional Love HE has for me , it is a Special time with HIM - Russell Fehlberg

I thought I had God's character downpacked..I was wrong, I have been challenged in so many amazing ways and I cannot wait to share it!! Why wait to get to heaven when WE can make heaven here on earth! - Chantelle Proud

The One Project is an opportunity for me to refocus on Jesus. Sometimes life gets in the way and Jesus takes a backseat...sometimes I don't even allow Him along for the ride. The One Project reminds me that without Jesus there is no ride! - Josh Wood

Spiritually uplifting, sometimes we are so busy in the ministry that we tend to forget our own spiritual nurturing. Was good to have that fire relit. Also great getting to know so many people from all different areas and walks of life - Rebekah Bernoth

The One Project ignited a desire within me to know Jesus for real. Off the page and in the deepest part of myself. To have an ongoing connection with Him at each stage of my life and journey. To remember that He is interested and involved with me. He truly cares - Chantal

It was my first One Project gathering and it felt like a camp meeting... on speed. I enjoyed all the speakers even though I was surprised there wasn't more of a focus on Jesus. I also enjoyed the table discussions. Given the passionate comments I'd heard/read about TOP, both pro and con, I was surprised that it felt like a pretty standard Adventist meeting - there wasn't anything radical, critical or "edgy" about it that I could identify, unless you count the hand blessing (which I've done before in another Adventist context) and the lack of caffeine-free hot drinks (which probably was accidental). I'm left with some very powerful theological metaphors and perspectives and a renewed concern for our (my!) tendency to spend a lot of time and effort on talking to ourselves rather than engaging practically and meaningfully with our broken world. Overall I enjoyed it but I probably wouldn't attend again - Kent

I felt incredibly refreshed and invigorated after the One Project. Somehow I see things in a clearer perspective, feel a lot more at peace and relaxed and feel a greater sense of joy, all based in the realisation that Jesus is the most important person in my complete Christian experience - Kylie Stacey

The One Project was a life changing experience! The speakers are so inspirational and challenging! One Project helped me to become on fire for God again! I would recommend it to anyone! - Jessica Hodgkin

Anonymous quotes about the One project Sydney gathering:

  • This gathering was inspiring, moving, refreshing, hopeful and fun. was a fantastic uplifting spirit filled that I didn't want to end!
  • was fantastic, great speakers..
  • the One Project has had an enormous positive effect on my life. Whilst I still struggle to attend church regularly - the One Project is a place were I find Jesus and fellowship.
  • Everytime the One project assists me to gain a new/fresh perspective - thank you!
  • The ONE Project is the single most important experience for my spiritual life.
  • One Project gave me the opportunity to come aside and commit dedicated time to drawing closer to Jesus - no interruptions. The focus of the gathering was clearly articulated and resoundly delivered. Thanks.
  • I loved the experience. Will come back for sure. The vulnerability shown by the presenters on the Monday Reframe event took the experience to a deeper level. The Jesus Pause was brilliant on Sabbath morning. It touched me and I went into not just talking about it by having an experience while at the table with me n JC. Thanks! I applaud you all. The professionalism of the event was sensational.
  • this was a first time experience for both my husband and I and he came along at my suggestion. He could not thank me enough for having registered him. I found the whole experience refreshing and particularly liked the opportunity the recalibrate time provided for brainstorming and sharing of thoughts and experiences.
  • This experience has reignited the fire in my heart for Jesus and hopefully will do the same for the entire Adventist faith. We need to regain a burning desire to follow Jesus and continue His work. Thank you one project, let the promises of Jesus, Father God continue to bless this project and reflect outwards to this broken world.
  • was a great experience to grow in fellowship with my greater family. It has inspired me to dig deeper in my relationship with Christ and reach out to others.
  • was inspirational. it felt like the Friday night message was written for me. the music was fantastic, as were the majority of speakers.
  • should strive to be redundant, replaced with a movement that lives God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit day in and day out.
  • is a time to help me remember to spend time in Christ and that other people have the same thoughts and desires as I do.
  • What a well managed event! Congratulations event organisers! Much more than just an event - it was an amazing experience and a spiritual highlight for me. From the speakers, to meeting friends and new people, the content, the music the atmosphere and the facilities. This event has recharged me and confirmed that the direction I am heading in my own ministry and the ministry of our local church is GOOD! Praise God for the opportunity to learn, grow, connect and be nurtured through the ONE project.
  • The whole program was a spiritual rejuvenation. My favourite part of the program was the Resound on Friday evening.
  • is an amazing program that strengthens the spiritual side of life. the mandible way to grow in faith and knowledge for God. to meet others with the same passion, who want to make a difference in the lives of others through the teachings of God
  • is a fantastic programme that our whole family has attended for the very first time. What a wonderful opportunity to be able to just focus on Jesus and talk with other like-minded people about improving relationship our with our saviour
  • (to me) represents a whole bunch of individuals who are united in thought and deed that Jesus. Is. And it is only from time spent with Him that we go forward. When we lost this - I don’t know, all I know is that I look forward to a culture shift
  • Wonderful, refreshing, inspiring, cross generational, empowering, jesus centred, uplifting, communal
  • has given me personally a real lift 
  • has encouraged me and given me hope of and in my christian walk
  • It has made me more aware that the most important One in worship is Jesus - not me. This has given me a deeper sense of Jesus leading in my life. 
  • is amazing. thank you. God bless you
  • It was truly inspirational, really got me thinking about issues within the church, with myself and my relationship with God in a different light which was an eye opener. The messages were powerful and I learnt something new with each one. The recalibration sessions are an amazing idea that I wish were practiced more in church!
  • Is what I desire in my church. Allowed me to breathe, be content and more
  • I wasn’t afraid to be real
  • It gave me a excellent refresh of my Christian experience, made me rethink and refocus on what I believe in and encouraged me with how I relate to and encourage others with Jesus in mind in my day to day life. Thank you very much.
  • This was a great experience. Very spiritually fulfilling and Sam Leonor's and Terry Swenson's messages really felt like they were targeted to me. I almost didn't sign up, but I am so glad I did because this was an amazing experience
  • Well done again! may God continue to bless your team as you continue to proclaim Jesus as the ONE
  • has inspired me to do more with what I have and given me insight to the story of Jesus
  • was great! the female speakers were very good - all of them!
  • has filled me up. Loved listening to others - not just preachers. I’m a raving fan! However, I found it too Adventist. Wouldn’t bring my Christian friends who avoid Adventist - and definitely not my friends and colleagues who aren’t Christians
  • It fed my spirit in so many ways. Worship in song, messages from a variety of people, prayer, connecting with others around the table and at refreshments, blessings. I felt refreshed, blessed, inspired, challenged and drawn closer to Jesus.
  • I love the focus on JESUS ALL. It is time to place Him in the centre. I found hope in the Adventist church renewed.
  • A fantastic opportunity to explore Jesus openly and unashamedly with fellow Christians who seemed curious and enthused to discover how He can be all to them too. Love that my church is concerned enough that it would dedicate this time and energy to help me focus on Jesus. All.

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