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There is just so much you can read but to grasp our current journey we invite you to join us in re-reading the four Gospels and the "Desire of Ages" by Ellen White.

As a study supplement, feel free to download and use the following materials. The Desire of Ages is provided in several formats. It has also been rewritten in a modern day version, entitled Humble Hero.

Desire of Ages Download Download Download Download
Humble Hero Download Download Download Download


We would like to extend our gratitude to the Ellen G. White Estate for providing the above resources on the Desire of Ages, free of cost. They also have a variety of other writings by Ellen G. White that you can download, listen to and read on their site.

Please feel free to also utilize the below articles for your personal use. If you have materials that you feel would be an excellent supplement to the One gathering, please let us know.

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