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About Us

The youngest disciple of the original twelve was the apostle John. In his gospel, John portrays the personal side of Jesus, sharing those classic, one-on-one conversations depicting a Jesus "that knew the heart of man." That young disciple lived a life with Jesus and for Jesus, and, while imprisoned on the island of Patmos declared, "worthy is the Lamb, who was slain, to receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and praise!" This beautiful vision, recorded in Revelation 5:12, is where our passion stems from.

We are committed to the idea that a Jesus-driven, Jesus-bathed, Jesus-backed, Jesus-led, Jesus-filled, Jesus-powered, all-about-Jesus Adventist Church is the uncompromising directive from our past, the joy of our present, and hope for our future. We claim the Primal Adventist Impulse: a longing to be with Jesus.

We believe pulpits, classrooms, worship halls, board rooms, living rooms - life! - should be drenched in the Spirit of Jesus.

We crave a "High Christology" - where Jesus is fully honored as Creator, Savior, and Lord. We believe Jesus is the hope of the First Testament and inspiration for the Second. Theology - the study of God - is at its best in dedicated exploration of Jesus, who is "the image of God." We are convicted that he alone is The Desire of the Ages. All of them: the prelapsarian age and life after the fall; the antediluvian age and life after the flood; prehistoric times, the stone age, the classical age, the age of antiquity, the middle ages, the age of reason, the modern age and in this, our 21st Century Age.

We love our church. And so we want the greatest gift for it... Jesus.

The One Project seeks - through gatherings, conversations, web-based content, and Christ-focused publications - to stimulate preaching, worship, and adoration of Jesus within and through the Adventist church.



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