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In 2016 we launched our first One project mission trip, partnering with RAWImpact. They are an established organization and have local teams on the ground that provide sustainable assistance to local communities in Cambodia. Working with families who are in poverty, RAW Impact provides basic homes, education, farming assistance and Microfinance to assist where possible.

In 2018 we are returning again to the same communities for the third time with RAWImpact to continue the work. Our mission trips feature a One project presenter who conducts worships and works with the team on ground to touch the lives of those in need. As well as working alongside the families and communities we serve, we have people of all ages travel from around the world to join together and serve others. This trip is suitable for families, singles, and couples - with no specific skills required. We guarantee you will sweat, laugh, learn, cry, and eat well - we also believe you will come home inspired to make a difference! 

Our trip kicks off with a cultural day, to learn more about the history of Cambodia and the atrocities committed there against humanity. We will then work on a number of projects to provide homes, food and help sustain incomes for those in need. Finally, we will visit the incredible 1,000 year old Angkor Wat temples.

If you are interested in serving please contact us

July 8-19, 2018 Cambodia (Phnom Penh, Kratie, Siem Reap)

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